Welcome to the home of ‘Green Fetish Records’. A Techno record label founded by ‘Mickey Nox’ in late 2013. Inspired to share a vision and opinion on his music taste, GFR was born. It was set out to push the harder flavours of techno and expose it to the masses and to shine light on producers who deserve more exposure. ‘Fucking Hammers’ is the slang used to best describe the vibe of the label. It’s also been said that we put out so many ‘Hammers’, we should be a fucken hardware store.


It’s been a 7 year journey and the label stands stronger than ever. With no intentions of slowing down, it’s not just a label. It is a community, brand and statement. It is also the father of ‘The Torture Never Stops’ which shines the light on newer/younger artists’ to help share their stories.


Gaining worldwide support from many artists, aspiring producers and fans. It hails as a staple in the harder realm of the Techno world. Having released over 70 EP’s, several VA compilations and many Vinyl releases’ and wicked merch, we are truly just getting started.


Hold on tight and join us.

Thank you so much for the ongoing and new support that constantly keeps growing.

Thank you for visiting our website and we are grateful to share with you our story.

Always rave safe. #fuckinghammers #ttns


Mickey Nox